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Paraben & Phthalate free.

100% Vegan & Safe.

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The Bella Buttah Story

Bella Buttah was established through her mother’s devotion to develop an organic and moisture infused lotion for Bella’s sensitive and eczema prone skin. Bella Buttah is a fun and colourful line of organic personal care products that the whole family can enjoy. As a family of entrepreneurs, it is our quest to develop personal care products that are organic and safe for kids and adults to use for generations to come. With every purchase made, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to non-profit organizations who serve women and families in need of personal care products. 

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Bella's Cotton Candy
Buttah Ingredients

Our Cotton Candy Buttah is as smooth as buttery soft freshly baked cupcakes! Yum! It melts on your skin with quick absorbing properties leaving it hydrated and smelling oh so good! We can go on about all the great stuff in there but the best part is, it's just GOOD for your skin. We pride ourselves with using simple ingredients that are safe for the whole family. If Bella can't make it, use it on her sensitive skin and doesn't love it, then we won't sell it! That's our honor to you. From our family to yours!

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Cocoa Butter
(Vegan & Kosher)


Fair Trade Shea Butter


Apricot Seed Oil


Chamomile oil


Paraben & Phthalate Free.
100% Vegan & Safe.

*We have an unwavering commitment to offering the highest quality of products from our family to yours!


Bella's Cotton Candy
Foam Soap Ingredients

Smells like cotton candy! Oh but don't eat it! It's for your skin, silly! This GOOD stuff will make every parent jump with excitement to put it on their child's skin. Whether your child has sensitive skin, eczema prone particularly in the winter time or just loves to lather their skin with something as yummy as the smell of candy!  This GOOD stuff checks all the health boxes for conscious parents. It's environmentally safe and safe for the entire family from infants to adults. What's in this GOOD Stuff? Loads of fruit extracts to hydrate your skin, pure vitamin E, a dash of essential oils for anti-inflammatory and calming benefits and with a sprinkle of fragrance and extract color for more fun!


Strawberry Extract
(Vegan & Kosher)


Banana Extract
Vegan & Kosher)


Raspberry Seed Oil
(Vegan & Kosher)


Chamomile oil

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